Ganesh Slide Icon

The Ganesh Slide Icon is an art piece which merges aspects of temple art with traditional paipo design. The name combining references to the movement of a finless board and surfing’s ancient origins. The Ganesh Slide Icon comes in a limited edition of 9, CADCAM routing ensures the shape remind faithful whilst the woods grain makes each unique.

Ganesh Slide Icon PhotograhsMade from beautifully contrasting poplar the Icon is finished in a high quality yacht varnish, although it is not intended to be used in water. The wood’s smooth surface reflects light and contrasts the dark indentations left by CADCAM laser cutter. Arranged in arcs, symmetrical axis and radiating lines these rings combine to find unity in the image of Ganesh, the remover of obstacles. GaneshSlideIcons01

The Ganesh Slide Icon reminds the surfer of the need for balance, respect for nature, a peaceful existence and a positive totem to help overcome problems. Wave riding itself has soulful roots with the early Hawaiians using surf craft as religious devices for worshipping the ocean.


Ganesh Surf Icon Dimensions and Cost

Length: 90cm Width: 60cm Thickness: 2.5cm Weight: 7 Kg
On Sale Price; £274.99 Postage & Packaging; £20

Please click on the slide show below to see photographs of the Ganesh Slide Icon.


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