A fusion of surf and art.

SAW boards combine the functional and fluid lines of wooden, finless surf craft with the abstract and emotional qualities of art. Creating wave craft of note and distinction. We hand shape surf art that looks and performs equally as good on the water as they do mounted on a wall.

Surf Art Wales alaia. Shaped by G.Pratt and P.Boothman. Artwork by P.Boothman


A heritage of wood.

Surfing is all about being in tune with the harmony of natures many moods. Wave riding a board of natural material allows that relationship a deeper physicality. Made from selected  Paulownia, carefully joined the modern alaia has a beautiful, slim shape, and amazing heritage. These finless wooden vessels are a study of the wave craft used by ancient Hawaiians. Boards differ very little from those first seen by Captain Cooke’s voyages back in 1778. Riding an alaia enables a closer understanding of the origins of surfing. The experience is an ancient one, as instinctive as a human’s desire for fun.The material is lightweight, a pleasure to shape, salt water resistant and does not twist or buckle when dried. Cut from trees it is environmentally sustainable and with care will last a lifetime. It is however in the water that the board really comes alive with the board flexing with the power of distant storms. Riding prone or standing an alaia, or their baby brother paipo, offer a ride of unsurpassed speed and exhilaration.